La Paris dates back to 1699, and is situated just 8 km’s outside the historical town of Franschhoek. 

As you pass through the towering gates, a sense of deep-rooted history fills the air as the estate’s history becomes tangible. 

The breathtaking mountains, perfectly manicured lawns, vibrant gardens and magnificent oak trees surround the manor house and draw you in.


As you enter the towering gates of the estate, you leave behind the troubles of the world and enter a secret place, a place where anything is possible and celebration is foreseen. Feel the History, experience Royalty and indulge your senses. 


Hidden behind a white flower garden and Poplar trees, the muted tones of the Lyceum lay tranquil. Passing under the arch, visitors were greeted with the sweet scent of jasmine, a winding path led to a bridge which once crossed steered to an incredible space which is now entered through colossal glass doors. The old barn transformed into a modern blank canvas resonates Grandeur of the Past, yet conjures up images of modern day romance.

The Arbour.jpg


Emerge from a tall Poplar forest to enter a lush green secluded space, you are surrounded with tall hedges with soft green grass underfoot. Breathe, this is your sanctuary.



Historical and intimidating, the bygone winery rested uninhibited and waiting to be explored once more. The blood red roses curled around its back and crept up the structure high up into the heavens. It’s tall wooden doors unsealed and awaiting the arrival of royalty. For only royalty could pass into this enchanted world. A world where nothing was too much, where opulence thrived and inhibition was cast aside.

Inside… rested a beautiful checked marble floor beneath intricate hand forged brass lanterns rescued from a french palace in ruins.

These were once the dreams of an enchanted winery, dreams that have had life breathed into them once more…


Romantic red roses reach up to embrace you, regal Oak trees stand guard, gazing down as you declare your love. Peace and serenity reach into your soul, you belong. We invite you to this majestic inner sanctum for your wedding ceremony or celebration.


Lose yourself in the beauty of the majestic surroundings; green fields, manicured lawns, vibrant gardens, ancient trees and a magnificent dam area.